A the Industrial Revolution that swept through America

A man that all of America may be proud. Most people know the name Westinghouse as the name of an appliance, but where did the name come from?Many people may not know that George Westinghouse was not only an inventor, but a visionary.

George Westinghouse’s many inventions fed the Industrial Revolution that swept through America in the latter part of the nineteenth century.The Industrial Revolution brought many changes to the United States.Even though America was progressing, many ill effects were brought on by this expansion.Westinghouse was one of the Industrialist that actually cared about the many problems he saw in urban America.Westinghouse, at the age of forty-two, could no longer ignore “the evils of social upheaval created by too rapid industrial development”(Levine, 2).George Westinghouse wanted something done, but it looked as if he was the only one that would do it.

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George Westinghouse had influenced many areas of his era and ours.His many inventions, his good-willed policy toward his work! ers and his business practices have affected all of us; but nothing will compare to the influences that he left on our country’s upper-class – the concept that they had a responsibility toward the society that had made them who they were. George Westinghouse was born eight of ten children into a middle class family on October 6, 1846.Westinghouse’s father ran a small machine shop in Schendectady, NY, that manufactured mostly farm implements; as a result, Westinghouse was introduced to the world of machines at a very early age.Due to curiosities he found during the Civil War, in which he served in both the Northern Army and the Navy, Westinghouse invented a rotary steam engine.

At age nineteen, this was hisfirst patented invention; however, the design proved to be impractical.Despite his troubles, Westinghouse went on to invent a device for placing derailed railroad cars back on their tracks. The next yea..


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