The Americans.The victory over the British in the

The Western United States was the newest part of the United States in 1849.

The west was viewed as a land full of opportunity and new experiences for Americans.The victory over the British in the War of 1812 established the independence of America.This boosted the nation's confidence and pride.The nation's population increased at a steady rate causing the so-called "restless" Americans who didn't want to live in the over populated, dirty, unsanitary cities in the north to move westward.Westward movement was also caused by the Gold Rush.The people who chose to do this were motivated by hunger for land and most definitely gold, but mostly the concept of Manifest Destiny.Manifest Destiny is the thought that many Americans had that we were "destined by God" to have land.

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The pioneers that moved to the west got off on a shaky start but became a very strong region soon enough. The western pioneers had it very hard when they werefirst starting out.Many of the pioneering Americans were poorly informed, superstitious, provincial, and fiercely individualistic.This made it difficult for them to get along with one another.The structure of their society in the west when itfirst began was very weak because all of the people were poor.

This is because they had left anything they had in the north and were starting their lives over.There was a chance for these people to move up on the social ladder.All of the pioneers started out at the same social status (poor). However, with the invention of the steel plow by John Deere and the mechanical mower reaper by Cyrus McCormick, people could become much more successful.

The use of roads and the invention of the railroad earned the pioneers a lot of money through their trade with the other regions.The west became a main area for farming.They farmed mostly wheat and corn.Parts of the west such as Ohio, Indiana and Il…

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