Since the Ontario/Manitoba border, both economically and politically.They

Since Confederation over one hundred years ago, the Central and Eastern Regional Governments have exploited the entire area west of the Ontario/Manitoba border, both economically and politically.They also made it impossible for western Canadians to reach a point where they would have any opinion in determining their own political and economic well-being.The previous government had continued to ignore the weak ineffective voice of western Canada.

Because of this, many people asked themselves, should the west separate from Canada? Is a province allowed to separate from Canada?The Supreme Court and the Parliament of Canada both said that it is legally attainable.All that is required is a clear referendum question, a clear majority and political will.The separation of the west would have included Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.If separation would have occurred, British Columbia and Alberta would have been able to form new countries. There are many reasons why the west wanted to separate from Canada.One of the reasons is taxes. Why were the taxes so high?"To fatten the parasite of Ottawa which eats up good men, turning their backbone into jelly,first.

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This government which destroys freedom in the name of security eats up prosperity in the name of Canadians ownership and takes the resources of the west mercilessly to support their Bay Street Transportation policies have ensured that it would cost more to ship from the west to east than from the east to west, so that a western manufacturer would not be able to compete with an eastern manufacturer, because of high shipping costs.The most important reason why western Canada wanted to separate is the fact that their future had always been decided elsewhere.The realization of this creates the motivation to do something to chance it."It is goi..


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