Probably in China and Muslim countries are based

Probably each of us sooner or later comes up with the question of when, under what circumstances and with whom to get married. Those deliberations might bring to the chain of questions about arranged and not arranged marriages: which is considered to be more long lasting, correct and sensing? To answer those questions lets have a look and explain why women from different cultures have bigger positive attitude towards arranged marriages and other’s are rather disposed to take the opposite side.As to me, first and most considerable difference is based on religion.

When we think of the dominating religions in China and Muslim countries (Buddhism and Islam) – they have different attitudes towards marriage and the place and role of women in the family. When this or other person is raised from the very childhood in specific religious environment it is rather expected that the young lady from Muslim world will accept arranged marriage as a normal and logical sequence of events.According to my observations, structure and type of society is also an explanation of why women are accepting arranged marriages. In contrast to Western or Chinese societies, Muslim countries are the one where each person is treated less individually; women have also fewer rights than men and consequently fewer possibilities for personal point of view and self-improvement. Therefore they are more likely to accept the decision of the male family members (which are taking decision about the marriage) and that is why are more disposable towards arranged marriages.

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My last argument is coming out from the above arguments and is discussing cultural differences. As culture in China and Muslim countries are based not only on different religion, but also on various believes, myths and traditions – it becomes clear why different approaches towards arranged marriages arise in those countries. Of course, cultural, religious and social differences are not the only explanations to the question of acceptance or non-acceptance of arranged marriages, but it might help to keep eye open and answer the other questions raised above.

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