What nearest competitor, France.The British fleet controlled the

What were the causes of the World War II?Do you believe that the war could have been prevented?Why or Why not? After the fall of the Weimar government, and the rise to power of the National Socialists headed by Adolph Hitler, Germany underwent huge transformations.One of the largest of these was the change in foreign policy.Between the years of 1933 and 1936, while the Nazis began to consolidate their power, Hitler's foreign policy was one of appeasement.

Germany did what ever it could to keep peace and tensions low between itself and Great Britain, Italy and the USSR.Germany used this appeasement to keep peace long enough to fully gain control of the country.After 1936, their policy changed.

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Nazi Germany's foreign policy towards Great Britain was "do what ever it takes to keep them happy". Germany wasn't ready to have them as an enemy yet.Hitler felt that the longer he had to prepare for war the better.One of the friendly agreements was the allowing of the British rearmament by Germany.

This was thefirst time that Germany tried to drive a wedge between France and Great Britain.Hitler offered to concede substantial rearmament to Great Britain, while also subtly hinting to both Italy and Great Britain to combine forces against France.Great Britain did not take up Hitler's proposals, but he did not abandon his efforts. In 1934, Germany formally began to talk with Great Britain, and they agreed on the Naval Accords in May.

These accords were a smart move by Hitler, because he gained power for Germany while, at the same time, making Great Britain feel more powerful.What the Navel Accords did was set up the amounts of which each country could have a navy.At that time, the British navy was by far the strongest, having twice the amount of its nearest competitor, France.The British fleet controlled the Mediterranean, and Hitler was jealous of this incredible power.


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