There are many contributions to

There are many contributions to Western Civilization from Ancient Greece, Rome, India, and China. Many of them are very important to us and are necessities in everyday life. We can observe these contributions throughout our society today.

Ancient Greece contributed many things to our culture. Some of the major contributions are the Olympics, architecture, and government. The Olympics are an important part of Western Civilization and were started by the Greeks. Document five shows the beginning of the Olympics and how the Greeks created them.

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Architecture such as columns and triangular rooftops created by the Greeks can be seen in many buildings today. Document three shows how our culture adapted from Ancient Greek structures. Document four shows this government and the similarities between Ancient Greece's version of it and our own today. Ancient Rome also contributed many things to our civilization. These included the arch and dome architecture, meals, and some laws that we use today.

The arch and dome architecture is very important in our civilization, since it is used in building football stadiums, government buildings, and other important structures. Examples of this architecture can be seen in document nine. The meals we eat today were adapted from Roman meals. Document eight shows how the Romans had appetizers, main courses, and desserts, just as we have today. Some laws we have today were also adapted from Ancient Rome. Document seven shows this and how similar our laws are.

An example is Ancient Rome's third law and ours, which says a person, is innocent until proven guilty. Ancient China's major contribution to our civilization was the making of paper. They did this by using wood pulp.

The use of paper has traveled throughout the world and is a necessity for everyday life. Its been used to document historical events and important information. Document two shows its historical background…


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