Ancient Babylonia for the Code of HammarubiHammurabi was the one who governedBabylonandwasresponsiblefor establishing the greatnessandgrandeurofBabylon.Thesamewasthe world’sfirstchiefcity.ManyremnantsofHammurabi’sregime,which usually lasted from 1795-1750 BC have usually beenconserved,andinthe present times we can have a detailed study onthispowerfulKingofhis time. He undoubtedly was a wise man who lived up to his wordsinproviding law to one and all. His code of laws is veryfamous,ashewastheone amongst thefirst known rulers to share his rules with thegeneralmasses. This code laid down the foundation for building an organized societywithin the present time. It also accounted severely on those judgeswhodisdained from doing their utmostinprovidingtimelyjusticetotheinnocents.

Hammurabi’s code of laws was moretiltedtowardsthefairroleofthe Athenian Greece for the Funeral Oration of PericlesAncient Greeks thought that war is the King and fatherofallthings as well as men included and it has theuniquehonorofcaptivatingsome people as slaves while at the same time, frees others. Warinoldentimes in Greece wasameaningforthepoliticalrightsandobligationsof citizens and it usually gavethemfreedomindecidingtheirrespective gender roles as well as an idea in formingcitiesandcoloniesallover Greece. War also provided an unusually difficulttrialofirrationaland furious physical and mental strength.Basicallyitcreatedathinline between the free people and the ones whowerenotfreebothwithinthe Greek borders and between its different cultures and sub-culturesassuch.

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It is true that the Ancient Greeks focusedmoreonthenotionsattached with war and the funeral orations happening in …

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