Other the location of California is suitable

Other benefit that is achieved in windmill is the ease in supplying electricity on remote area. When using windmill energy on remote area, it does not need anymore long transmission wires.

This means that less cost is achieved because no need to purchase transmission wire. There were many studies conducted to determine the feasibility and acceptability of windmill energy on a specific place. The study also state who is in favor of the said energy generator. The said place where the study was conducted was the state of California.They people in the said state experienced many blackouts for the past years because the people from California cannot afford to avail the high cost of fossil oil and gas as their primary raw material in generating electricity. Also, the location of California is suitable for windmill farms because the state has many coastal areas (Stevenson & Sachdev, 2006).

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With the situation of California, the said state wants to harness the environmental location as well cut the cost from expensive oil and coal. This will permit the industries located in California to less cost in generating electricity for their production.Also, the environmental issue regarding on the use of oil and gas will be minimized (Stevenson & Sachdev, 2006). Discussing the advantages of windmill energy, this will give an idea who favors the windmill energy over the oil and coal.

People who rely previously on oil and coal will favor now the use of windmill energy because of the big difference in the cost of producing the electricity. When compared, windmill energy is less expensive on oil and coal. Also, environmental conservatives will use windmill energy as their primary source of energy because it will not produce end products that will be harmful to the environment.Aside from these, framers who own a land and the area is suitable form construction of windmill will help the farmers earn extra income. Drawbacks Though windmill energy has many advantages, there are also drawbacks that limit people to use it. Wind is not predictable and there are times there is no wind. The production of electricity when compared to the conventional oil and coal is less. The windmills actually produce little electricity according to the report of Taylor on West Virginia.

Wind mill energy is less efficient than on oil and coal in providing electricity (Taylor, 2004).Also, the most appropriate location for the construction of windmill is the areas near the shore which are expensive. The blades of the windmill can kill birds.

That is why, there are environmental group that oppose windmill energy. Windmills do not only kill birds, but also destroy the wildlife. Some of the issues is the environmental problem of West Virginia regarding on destroy of the wildlife (Taylor, 2004). Another drawback of windmills also produces noise and affects the television reception on those people living near a windmill farm. Those people will oppose to the construction of windmills near their residence.Opinion For me, windmill is one of the best alternative sources of electricity. And this type of energy production must be one of the options when planning or shifting to other source of energy beside the use of oil and coal.

For me, the most justifiable reasons why windmill energy must be considered as an option are, it is cost effective and no production of waste or greenhouse gases. Though there are still many problems encountered in using windmill energy, this problem can be minimized if only the government would develop further the technology being used in windmill energy.Just like in the killing of birds, there must be a new design of the blades that will lessen the said killing. Conclusion Many industries still rely on fossil fuels and natural gas and in today’s market, these raw material are expensive.

That why some of these industries are now looking for other source of energy. Windmill energy is one of the alternative sources of energy on oil and coal and is known to be the most cost effective among other alternatives.Windmill energy is also one of the best ways to eliminate the environmental problems in oil and coal. But being cost effective and environmental friendly, still windmill energy receives many criticisms regarding on the capability to produce electricity and destroy of the wildlife. Windmill energy is not yet fully developed to be the primary source of energy. The government and other concern citizen must help each other to develop windmill energy to be the most cost effective, most reliable and most environment friendly source of energy.References:Stevenson, M. , & Sachdev, R.

(2006). Is Windmill Energy an Acceptable Energy Source Replacement for California? [Electronic Version]. Retrieved November 6, 2007, from http://cosmos. ucdavis. edu/2006/cluster2_final_projects/MelindaStevensonRubeenaSachdevEnergy. pdf Taylor, J.

M. (2004). Windmills Ruining Scenic Views, Producing Killing Fields [Electronic Version]. Environment News. Retrieved November 6, 2007, from  https://www.heartland.org/

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