Were colonist furious. This happened in 1770.

Were the colonies justified to declare independence? In 1763 after the war between the French and Indians and the English started the send more troops into the US and started to make new laws to get more money to Britain from the US. Even though the British had won the war they had a lot of financial trouble. They had now huge debts and they had to repay them somehow. These debts were too large for the English to pay so they thought that they could get all the money out of the colonies. Of course the Americans didn't like this and this is the reason that they declared their independence. The British started many different acts and duties like the Stamp Act which put taxes on almost everything written, the Sugar Act which put taxes on sugar, coffee and wines that were imported to the US in substantial amounts, Quartering act which wasn't a tax but the Americans had to feed the British soldiers sent to America. The British thoughts about there rights to tax the colonies are written by Thomas Whately in his pamphlet''considerations'' The Colonists of course disliked and hated these taxes and started protesting against them.

There where many incidents where the colonist attacked the British or the other way around. Maybe some of the most famous are the burning of the Ship Gaspee, the Boston massacre and Boston tea party. The Boston massacre wasn't really a massacre because only 5 people died but it made the colonist furious. This happened in 1770.

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After the massacre also the Boston tea party happened here. This time the Sons of liberty were behind it. The English very mad at the colonist for the resistance and killing of their soldiers but they didn't understand that the Americans didn't like their new laws and taxes and they continued to ad new ones and wouldn't change the old ones. Of course this furiated the Americans because the taxes were really too high and the only pur…

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