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Welty's "Petrified Man" response.

Eudora Welty’s “Petrified Man” admits the reader into the “woman’s world” of the beauty shop.This is a place where a woman can sit down, relax, maximize her self-esteem without any effort, and catch up on the gossip around town.Regardless of the location, this exists everywhere.

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What makes Eudora Welty;s play, ;Petrified Man; so intriguing is her ability to define her views of a Mississippian;s personality as unintelligent and over concerned with unimportant events.Welty defines this through two female characters, Leota and Mrs. Fletcher who take part in the gossiping atmosphere of a beauty salon. Throughout the duration of the play, Leota and Mrs.

Fletcher share stories of their lives and the lives of others with a southern dialect.Welty portrays the women as having poor intellectual level through their poor use of word choice and sentence structure.Welty;s choice of choosing a relaxing, comfortable location to define a Mississippian as unintelligent is how her audience is able to see the full illustration of what Welty is trying to portray. Within the gossiping atmosphere of a beauty salon, Leota and Mrs. Fletcher talk amongst each other and overreact over unimportant events.Mrs. Fletcher, for example, gets upset over hearing the news that the town was beginning to hear about her pregnancy.

This over reaction is significant to Welty;s definition because what Mrs. Fletcher failed to realize is that she would begin to show within the next months, and everyone in the town would find out nevertheless. A low intellectual level and over reacting is what Welty accomplished through her definition of a Mississippian;s personality as seen is ;Petrified Man;….

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