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After the recent signing of the Treaty of Versailles, the current German government is under great criticism.

Extreme left wing political parties are pushing for Revolution. One such group is the Spartacists, a group following the example set by Lenin, in the successful communist movement in Russia. After the abdication of the Kaiser, leader of the Social Democratic Party, Ebert, received the position of Chancellor. Only two days later the armistice was signed, indicating the end of the war. The most urgent task facing the Ebert government was to create a new constitution for Germany.

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Germany was, after the war, in great economical, emotional and physical disrepair and man political groups were fighting for power. The task of drafting a constitution was given to Hugo Preuss, a lawyer and prominent figure of the German Democratic Party. The constitution guaranteed basic rights to the German people. All were to be equal in the eyes of the law, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of religion are all written into the constitution. This new constitution meant Germany would have a president, elected every seven years. The president was Head-of-State and Supreme Commander of the armed forces. It gives the president power and not just a position. The president appoints and dismisses the chancellor and has the power to dissolve the Reichstag and call elections if the need arises.

Under article 48, the president can also intervene, using the armed forces, to restore order, in an emergency situation. This power also means the president can suspend the basic rights of the people, the ability to rule by decree in times of emergency. Under the new system, Germany will have two houses of parliament. The German states were represented by the Reichstrat, and a more powerful house, the Reichstag, representative of the German people. The constitution also gave voting right..


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