Weekly web server, ftp server, mail server have

Weekly Activity
This week start with a excellent seminar in Medipol University
which is about 6G.Big names from big companies presented significant informations. It was a unique experience
to participate in that program. I also have the opportunity to do more
extensive work on the firewall this week. More detailed reviews were made. TCP/IP is the
basic protocol * package of the internet. Since TCP / IP, which controls the
flow of data over the Internet, is created by assembling many protocols, we
call it the protocol package. TCP deals with the “Points to note in
point-to-point data transfer” part of this protocol package, while IP
deals with “Specifying the path to move data”. Basic services of TCP /
– DNS (Domain Name
– SMTP (Simple Mail
Transfer Protocol)
– POP (Post Office
– FTP (File Transfer
– Telnet (Terminal
Firewall is a
software-based system that controls the communication between the local
network and the Internet. Our local area is under the control of the firewall
system that comes from the internet or from the local area. The purpose of
this system is to protect the data on our local network, to protect it
against any dangerous activity that could come from the outside world and
possibly make it impossible to find the perpetrator.
Firewall systems usually
have a simple set of rules. For example; To drop all kinds of data packets
that want to access the local area directly from the outside world, to not
interfere with any packet that wants to access the outside world from the
local network. We can decide together some basic rules together. For example,
any package coming directly from the outside world should be discarded. If
any package is allowed to enter directly, even for an innocent purpose, a
malicious hacker can hide any harmful work he or she has done using this path
in this seemingly innocent way. It can reach its evil goals by using this
path. So our basic rule must be very precise and rigid. No direct package
from the outside will enter !.
But on the other hand, it
is also imperative to allow some requests to enter. Because some parts of the
corporate network such as web server, ftp server, mail server have to respond
to requests from the outside world. If so, we must create an intermediate
region that we can define neither as the inner world nor as the outer world.
This zone is usually called the Demilitarized Zone word DMZ, which means the
demilitarized zone.
Entrance into the
internal network from the DMZ is strictly not allowed. Because a hacker can
capture the DMZ by catching some of the exploits of the limited rights in the
DMZ. This point should not find a way to go in again. We understand from this
information that some hackers are CIA, NASA, etc. Attacks on their web sites
often do not mean that they can infiltrate very confidential information. One consequence of the
information provided so far is that the firewall is actually some sort of


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