Week and Macbeth as the new king. The

Week starting 22/05/2017:Maths- Today in maths we had a supply teacher and this meant cover work and we were given a sheet (double sided) about area and perimeter.

I had completed this sheet in under half an hour and then started on the second sheet which was about volumes and how to work them out. We had to complete this work in our books.English- Today we finished of Macbeth and started getting information and quotes about Lady Macbeth and what she is like as a character in the play. We had to focus on what she was like, this would be about how ambition she is (at the start) the kill king Duncan and become queen herself and Macbeth as the new king.

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The work we did today is to help us in our assessment.Biology- Today in Biology we started a new topic which is about organisms in the human body, and the different types, for example: respiratory system, circulatory system, muscular skeleton system, reproductive system, nervous system, and Digestive system / Excretory system. After knowing what they were we had to work in groups of three in order to complete an information sheet on our selected system. (respiratory system)English- Today in English we had our assessment on Williams Shakespeare’s play ‘Macbeth’ we had to write about Lady Macbeth and how Shakespeare presents her throughout the play.Maths – today in maths we did something called cash in the mathematic which is learning about money and how it is used. Today we focused on bank accounts.

If we answer a question right or complete our work we get fake money which can then be put in a box and a random name will be called to get a prize, which is mainly sweets.Chemistry- Today in chemistry we were learning about giant covalent structures, and how they are formed. After this we did something called allotropes of carbons. In the end, we did a sheet which is about completing a certain amount of questions in order to get achievement points.English – Today in English we had a fun lesson which was basically watching the movie of Macbeth by William Shakespeare. This went on for the whole lesson, also this was our last English lesson before may half term.Week Starting: 05/06/17Maths- Today in maths we had our first lesson with our new gcse teacher that we will have from now and up until end of year 11.

We had to go through the basics of what he expects like class rules and we also went through homework and how it will be set. From now on my maths homework will be on paper every Monday and to be given in on the following Monday. After this we had to start our lesson which was estimation, however we never got time to actually start it. This was because we had to do our starter which was to answer 10 questions of a variety of maths. This took up most of the lesson as we had to go through the ones we didn’t know.Biology- Today in biology it was the same as last lesson and this time we looked at how a Venus fly trap can digest its prey, we learned this by watching a demonstration of how enzymes work and what they do. Enzymes help speed up a chemical reaction so the food gets digested easily and quicker.

Maths- Today in maths we carried on with estimation but before this we had our starter of 10 questions based on nth term, adding fractions multiplying, dividing … after this we started on estimation and we covered rounding to 2dp, 3dp and 4dp. Then we did how to round a number to one significant figure0.English- today was our first lesson back and we had a new teacher. He allocated our seats and we went through what we would be studying for the next 2 years and a bit.Chemistry – Today we were in the LRC to do our work, it was based on nanotechnology and we had to answer a series of questions 1 – 10 about it.

We had to create a poster containing as much research as possible.Maths- Today we started with 10 questions for our starter, we then continued with estimation and did more on gcse based questions. After completing our work, we were told to get our phones out and message either your mum or dad saying that we have done some gcse questions of estimation. We had to do this as our teacher told us.English – Today in English we focused what newspapers are and their purposes. We then completed an a3 sheet containing parts of a newspaper and we had to fill in the gaps, for example: kicker, headline, caption…Chemistry – Today in chemistry we had a new seating plan and were allocated our seats in the classroom.

After sorting out the seats we had to complete some practice past papers for covalent bonding, ionic and metallic bonding. This went on for most of the lesson. This will continue on for the next few lessons but different types of paper containing other types of bonding. Week starting: 12/06/17Maths – Today in maths we started with our starter of 10 questions. After this we gave in our homework and marked it as well, then we properly started with the lesson which was about rearranging however before starting this we were given 3-4 practice paper questions regarding estimation, then we started with rearranging and only got to the first question before the lesson ended. At this point our teacher gave us our homework due in for the following Monday.

English – Today in English we carried on with our work with newspapers and went onto different types of non-fiction texts and their devices used in them to make them appealing to others, for example you can use black background and white writing to make it stand out…English- today in English we looked at 2 different articles and analysed them in detail and what device they had in them. This went on for most of the lesson.Maths- today in maths we did our starter and after completing this we got whiteboards and pens and had to answer some past practice paper question, we did 4 questions which totalled to 1 grade and a half. Then we started rearranging and how it works and we did some examples of it to get the hang of it.

Physics – today in physics we learnt about background radiation and how it can affect us. I also learnt that granite contains tiny bit of uranium which is bad. Background radiation is radiation around you that is not that harmful if you live near city… however if you live near the coast there will be a lot of radiation. Background radiation normally resides in rocks, air, food, cosmic, building materials.Week starting: 19/06/17:Maths – today in maths we marked our homework and I got 18/20. Then we did our starter of 10 questions about various maths problems, then we marked it and had to line up outside in order of our score, mine was 8. After doing this we went back inside to start learning about bounds and what they are/ how to work them out. To work put bounds of a number you have to see what the upper and lower bound is, for example: 5= 4.

5-5.5 … We then had to complete a sheet containing questions about bounds. when completed our teacher gave us our homework due in for next lesson. Biology – today in biology we had to evaluate our practical of starch/amylase and how long it takes for the amylase to break down the starch at certain temperatures. The evaluation included to draw a line graph and answering 4 questions explaining about what happened.Maths – today in maths we did the 10 questions and then went over them in detail. Then we got whiteboards and pens and answered 3 GCSE questions. Final after completing this we started a worksheet about more bounds and had different types of levels.

Chemistry- today I chemistry we went in and got a worksheet about nanoparticles and the different uses of them. This went on for most of the lesson.English – today in English we went over our sheet that we did yesterday and some people had to complete it then we marked it and gave it a www/ebi/ after this we started on auto biography’s and how to write metaphors when seeing a picture of anything.English – today in English we started off with writing a description on 4 pictures of Mumbai in India.

We had to use metaphors that we created yesterday. Then we had to write a couple of paragraphs of our own using a selection of pictures. Then we had to use our phones to get definitions of 4 words.

Maths – today in maths we started off with our starter of 10 questions, I got 8. Then we got whiteboards and pens and had to answer 2 A star questions from Easter mock exams. The reason as to why we do this every day is because it will help us get used to seeing gcse questions when we do our exams.

Then we finished off bounds. Chemistry – today in chemistry we were given free range on how we can revise for our test on Tuesday. The options were poster, leaflet … I chose to do a poster and got my resources on the textbook and wrote down mini paragraphs on different sections on topic 2: structure, bonding and properties of metals.

Week starting: 26/06/17(Missed Monday and Tuesday die to Eid and illness.)Maths: today in maths we first had to get our homework marked and was given more due in for next week. The we did our starter and after completing it we marked it and I got 8/10. The we had to get our folder sorted and put dividers in. this is what we done for the whole lesson.English- today in English we had to complete our film on a small video clip we saw in class however I wasn’t there and so I got told about it. It was about an Indian festival and we had to replicate it with our own opinions as different people like normal residents, singers, and dancers…Physics- today in physics we had a supply teacher as it was year 10’s sports day, this meant that we had to do text book work and had to answer a few gcse styled questions to help us more in radiation.Maths – today in maths we just answered some gcse styled questions as sports day was going on, on the field and ¾ of our class wasn’t in class.

English – today in English we made our own festival design on big pieces of paper, this was done in groups of 3 – 4. We decided to do a music festival being held in Hyde park, there was 7 bands going to perform and there were many stalls for food /drink… this went on for the whole lesson.Week starting: 17/07/17Maths: today in maths we did our starter of 10 questions then we marked and gave in our homework which I got 18 out 20. after completing this we got whiteboards and pens and had to complete a series of questions containing Pythagoras. The we continued to our books and tried to complete a sheet with 3 to 4 different questions also about Pythagoras.

Biology: today in biology we had to this starter of linking some statements about the heart to the correct definition. Then we continued on with our lesson and had to compete a 4-page work booklet as per last lesson.New Year – year 10 Chemistry – Today in chemistry we were doing chemical change and our starter was to find out how we can tell a chemical reaction is happening or taking place. Some examples were physical appearance like colour, you can also smell if something is happening, the texture of the metal. Another way to see if anything is taking place is to see the temperature of it and see if it has changed.

Maths – Today in maths we did our starter and I got 8/10. The we continued on with dividing decimals with 2 on each side. Then we got our whiteboards and tried and had a go at answering 2 – 3 gcse questions.English – today was my first English lesson and I found it a bit difficult as I moved classes and they were nearing to the end of their topic therefore I tried to get on with what they were doing, in the end what I had to do was write an article about animals – ‘animals have feeling,’ and that we should not kill them for the sole purpose of eating them. (meat) then it went on if people should give up eating meat and just become vegans also another article.Maths – today in maths we continued on with multiplying and dividing decimals. Then we did 10 daily questions. After this we moved onto expanding double and triple brackets.

Week starting: 18/09/17English – today in English all we did was start our mock of mocks. The reason as to why we are doing them is to get some experience when we actually attempt them later on in year 10/11.English – today in English we continued on with our mocks. The overall time for them is 1 hour and 45 minutes.

So today we just continued on and finished them.Maths – today in maths we did our daily starter consisting of 10 questions (varied) then we moved on with marking our homework and I got 18 /20. We got new homework which I have just completed now. The main objective was about fully factorising quadratics. Which I first found difficult, however it got easier as the teacher explained more about it and gave more examples.

Then I found it easy.English – today in English we started by getting our new book and on a new topic, ‘lord of the flies’ by William Goulding. We started by getting three rules and putting them in a table and write about the purpose of it and how/ who enforced them.Physics – today in physics we were learning about Sankey diagrams and how they worked.

We were asked to research about different type of Sankey diagrams. After this we had to do 5 Sankey diagrams about the amount of energy used and find out the answer in joules. Then we had to work out different efficiency about them.Maths – today in maths we did something very different, we had the whole lesson going through past papers and answering them to our ability. Everyone found it incredibly difficult as these papers would be completed by us in year 11.

Physics- today in physics we did something basic, which was all about force and how to work formulae out “work” out. This then led onto answering questions about force on different types of objectsEnglish – today in English we stared to read the book of “lord of the flies” we started the from chapter one and everyone had to read either one paragraph or a page it is entirely their choice, by the time the reading from me stared by bell had already went. Week starting from 25/09/17Maths – today in maths we didn’t do much at all due to a repeat of 2 fire bells in a row. His caused much time wasted to our learning. English – today in English we continued on with our mind maps about ‘Piggy’ and ‘Ralph’, after this we continued on reading the book lord of the flies.

When reaching a certain point in the book (when all the characters introduced themselves) we had to create different mind map for 3 new characters; Roger, Simon and Jack Mildrew.Biology – today in biology we did revision work of leaves and something called transpiration which is the process of is the process by which moisture is carried through plants from roots to small pores on the underside of leaves, where it changes to vapor and is released to the atmosphere. Transpiration is essentially evaporation of water from plant leaves via the stomata.Chemistry – today in chemistry we did an evaluation sheet which lasted all lesson due to the fact it was very detailed.

It was about our compulsory practical that we completed the lesson before.Maths – today in maths we finally marked our homework and I got 19/20 which is a pretty good mark. Then we moved onto factorising quadratics which led onto harder ones of the answer being 0.


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