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THE PROS AND CONS ABOUT LEGALIZING MARIJUANA Mainstream vs. Alternative Media; who do we believe? The Journal of Media Studies Writer Discussion of the legalization of marijuana those who are pro- marijuana and those who are anti- marijuana. These issues have been mainstream and alternative media, mainstream being pro, and alternative being anti.

These arguing over this issue in the halls of justice for many years. Because most of the American exposed to only mainstream media, they are not aware of other factors of legalizing covers. The problem caused by this lack of exposure, is that the public may be deprived led to believe facts that are not true. Marijuana and Medicine Both pro and anti- whether or not marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes. Mainstream groups do not convincing reasons to make marijuana a treatment to sick patients. Their position is that long-term effects.

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The Anti-Legalization Forum explains that some of these effects are: system due to the inability of T-cells to battle off diseases, delaying puberty in both males unhealthy and smaller children born to women who used marijuana during pregnancy. The Administration believes that since marijuana is not accepted by any American health to legalize the drug. They think that the main reason why pro marijuana advocates use the because the uninformed public can be easily convinced to support the movement. Simply proves that marijuana can be used medically (Claim V). Unlike the D.

E.A., lobbying Action Network and the Indiana Civil Liberties Union, believe that marijuana is a drug (ICLU). Alternative media sources, such as “Marijuana As Medicine,” state that medicine for: nausea, appetite stimulation, relief from vomiting, reduction in spasticity, depression, asthma, multiple sclerosis, stimulation of the immune system, Aids patient and victims with AIDS, cancer and multiple sclerosis, smoking marijuana is believed to hel..


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