Web Many designers will begin with mood-boards,

Web outlets stand and represent the company, the image ofyou, and the importance of what you want to sell.

Many designers will beginwith mood-boards, wireframes and other working prototypes.  As much as these tools are useful andessential for working with building and designing a website, designers need tokeep in mind that the most important thing to really start off with is what isthe purpose of the website and design. If we fast forward in time designers anddevelopers use to rely on site age, inbound links, and all the right keywordsused to get attention and be searchable. These tools ensured to drive yourcontent at the top of search results.     However, timeshave drastically changed and now sites need to focus on the actual content ofthe site. There has to be a lot of care and thought put into what will go onthe website and how it will work cohesively with the visual content. The valueof the content will also be reflected in the value of search engines.

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Designs will always be impactful bring in iconic andinspiring messages.  When we think aboutthe number of clients and viewers that will be looking at your design on aPlatform, it can be challenging on thinking about the techniques and designsthat will play into your responsive platform.     First and foremostimages is the heart of the design and can evoke emotions,  that being said; images should be responsive.It uses to be simple when choosing images that were JPEG and GIF files. Latercame the realization that PNG files, come in better formats and do not take upa lot of space. So the user can upload the content on their device a lotquicker. Especially with the rise of mobile use.  When delivering images to a content keep inmind the mobile content.

Detail, clarity, and emotion are the attributes toevoke the image.  When comparing how animage would look at a desktop vs a mobile device, you have to keep in mind toscale the image. Otherwise, it won’t have the same effect and not look clean orclear on the mobile device image.  Thisis important so everything is still visible if the image was left to anunscaled image fit to the mobile device it would have less detail and wouldcause more visual confusion. Other than being visual unpleasing, it slows theviewer down.  The original image would beleft on a desktop scale that comes out as a big image, too slow of a mobiledevice.

For example, if the image is 3MB of data is will seem easy on abroadband connection.  However, using iton 3MB of data can take up some time on wireless plans.  Phil Duston on  Responsive Mobile Design suggests we use aWEBP and IMAGE for a lot of the content so it can have a good compression whenuploading images.   By displaying imagestakes planning and care. By taking the time to fine-tune the images that willbe put up on your web content you are increasing the chance of having returningusers to your site.  One can takeadvantage of the art direction to change the messages you are putting up.     Another importantvisual component of your site is Responsive video.  With fast broadwith readily available in our homes and portable devices from tablets to mobileoutlets, we come to find a new meaning of instant gratification.

  Especially with how mobile users act theyhave little patience for the bad interface. If something is better on another website most clients will not hesitateto leave your site.  However, when wethink about how we interact amongst each other on social media platforms,  we will waste hours and minutes trying tofind the right video representation. Dutson makes a valid point that watching a video increases the odds ofcompleting a purchase or soaking in a cause of your site.   A development of social media and videooutlets allow users to share things amongst many outlets. Vine, Instagram is afeature for short videos implying the idea that people love videos.

  When adding video keep in mind these factors:Bitrate, playback options, transfer speed, file size, social media sharingoptions, and integration support,  andplayer customization.  Just like theimage compression, the video needs the same attributes. It needs to be scaledfrom desktop to mobile devices as well. 


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