As culture and heritage as people in America.

As African Americans become equal citizens in America they need to establish their own aims and ideas as people.

African Americans must do active hands on research on the discipline of black studies.DuBois recognized that any research on black studies must be done by black scholars. This research must make a positive, lasting impact of the change on humanity.The educated Negro must go back to the original roots of Africans to establish a strong foundation for the development of African Americans.

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I t is critical for African American Negro scholars to be conscious and aware of these experiences to recognize the oppression which the African American has occurred.These scholars can not abandon their culture and heritage through integration and assimilation. For the success of African Americans, intellectuals must recognize and acknowledge this abandonment of their heritage so that they can move forward in the future for the better of the collective masses of African Americans.

Black Americans must establish a sense of security of their own culture and heritage as people in America. I believe black intellectuals should recognize and express the “black experience” to African American communities.African Americans need to be aware of the contributions and experiences, which their people made to America.

People of African descent must recognize their culture and own heritage on an internal level for their advancements as a people.African Americans must also recognize the external forces in America that has slowed their development in life as people in America.These external forces deal with the assimilation and integration of black Americans into white America.Once African Americans recognize these external and internal forces, than their minds can be clear.This is than where the foundation of establishing goals and aims for African American people in America can begin.

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