Thru First World War used bolt action rifles.

Thru 1914 and 1919 World War One was the largest and most important current event happening andduring the war technology increased tremendously, but most of the innovations were directed towards weapons and harmful objects of war, such as; rifles and pistols, machine gas, and grenades these three objects of war were examples of technology that changed for the time or were invented. These three things will be discussed and analyzed throughout my paper and proven to be powerful and meaningful in this war.Rifles and pistols like in every other war they were in existence were a large and significant part of this one too. They were more accurate and powerful thus allowing the men to hit a target from further away with a better chance of hitting where they aimed. Almost all infantry and officers in World War One carried a rifle, pistol or both. They were the most common weapon.

Nearly all infantrymen in the First World War used bolt action rifles. This type of rifle had been invented by a Scottish immigrant to the United States, James Paris Lee. The bolt is the device that closes the breech of the barrel. The bolt-action rifle had a metal box, which cartridges were placed on top of a spring. As the bolt was opened, the spring forced the cartridges up against a stop; the bolt pushed the top cartridge into the chamber as it closed. After firing, the opening of the bolt extracted the empty cartridge case, and the return stroke loaded a fresh round. The more popular of the rifles used by each country is listed as follows.

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The Lee-Enfield was the main rifle used by the British Army during the war. Other popular bolt action rifles included the Mauser Gewehr (Germany), Lebel (France), Mannlicher-Carcano (Italy), Springfield (United States), Moisin-Nagant (Russia), Mannlicher M95 (Austria) and Arisaka (Japan).Although pistols were common for all infantry and officers not all men carried them they were not as accurate or …

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