Dating the development of metal weapons led to

Dating as far back as the sixth millennium B.C., when metallurgyfirst appears in Europe, one can see how the seeds of a male-dominated society began to grow (Eisler 46).Thefirst metals to be used extensively were copper and gold (Eisler 45).These metals, however, were used more for ornamental purposes than for weapons.

Even in the fifth and fourth millennium B.C. when bronze became the metal of choice, it was used to make tools.Archeological evidence shows that it is not until around 3500 B.C. that the Kurgans begin to pioneer the making of weapons from metal (Eisler 46).That is the point at which the seeds of the male-dominated society start to flower.To illustrate my hypothesis that the development of metal weapons led to the end of the male-female partnership, I will focus on the Kurgans.

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The Kurgans were barbaric nomads who worshipped male Gods of war and weapons.The power of these Gods was represented with weapons (Eisler 49).Kurgans existed in a dominator society where the men ruled over the women.These invaders deviated from the beaten path of metallurgy because they "glorified the lethal power of the sharp blade (Eisler 48).

"While European cultures were using their metals to make tools, the Kurgans used those same metals, particularly bronze, to make weapons.Because the Neolithic European settlements were based on farming, they had little use for metals as anything other than tools (Eisler 46).Their lack of weaponry left them ill-prepared to deal with the Kurgans, who were quite adept at warfare. The Old European culture was a culture that focused on farming (Eisler 48).There's was a society that appears to have had a focus on the ability of women to give life, rather than on the ability of men to take life.They built no walls around their cities and few, if any, weapons for their people (Eisler 46).

This along with the fact that their "beli…

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