We to know it completely, one human life

live in a vast world, and to know it completely, one human life is not enough.
Hundreds of countries, peoples, languages, mentality, cultures exist in certain
places and evolve in time. In modern countries, all people, according to the
law, are equal in their rights. People in ancient time’s grazed cattle, grew
plants, hunted, and also fought with neighboring tribes over the territory.
Later, the military elite appeared which made important decisions and therefore
had more rights. This is where the division of society into strong and weak
people, warriors and ordinary landowners appears. People at that time were
unaware of the law and the written laws, so everyone had to accept the rules of
their tribe in order to survive. Over time, stratification in primitive society
became increasingly pronounced. Then gradually from the tribes formed the state.
In the modern world, everything is different. The goal of any state is the
well-being of every citizen. All of us are born with the same rights
established in the Constitution and other laws. However, not all of us have the
same abilities. Despite the equality of rights, one cannot compare the chances
of a five-year-old child and his thirty-year-old father. Also at all times, the
problems of equality between men and women, discrimination in various
situations are relevant.

today’s world, there cannot be equality. If all the people on Earth were equal,
then our world would be just perfect. People have never been and will not be
equal with each other. It starts with a small. Someone lives in a mansion, but
someone in a one-room apartment. One person graduated from Oxford, and the
other had difficulty enrolling in the school and many other examples. Imagine a
society full of equal people. All people occupy the same position; have the
same status in society. Is it possible? No. All people are different, from the
appearance and color of the skin, and ending with the status in society.

modern structure of industrial society is no different from the previous one.
Still, the elite is the top of the pyramid, then follows the middle layer, and
the lower layer. It follows that people cannot be equal in any way. Each person
occupies a certain place in the system of the social structure of society. In
addition, people can never become equal with each other, for, almost every
person, sometimes without knowing it, strives to be better than the other is.
Life is a competition and at times a person, in order to gain revenge, acts
wrongly with others.

the rivalry does not only arise between people. Rivalry arises and between
states. Governments of different countries try to compete among themselves, for
example, in terms of economy, armament, in order to take the dominant position.
Did the countries aspire to be equal? No, they wanted to be better each other. We
all know that there is a leader and a follower in society. Someone directs, but
someone obeys. Society is impossible without this system.

are inevitably unequal in their physical and mental abilities, gender, family
and material situation, etc. and because of this in terms of satisfaction of
material and cultural needs. Thus, the application of the same measures to
different persons not only can have, but also has a completely different effect
on them. Therefore, it is difficult to apply a single measure to the actions of
such people. Equality is equal opportunities for people to meet their needs.
The needs of different people are different. There may also be different levels
of needs. The source of social inequality is the very development of
civilization. Each individual person cannot master all the achievements of
material and spiritual culture. The desire to achieve a higher status is
conditioned by the need for each individual to achieve successes and to avoid
failures in the social aspect. The problem of inequality and injustice was the
theme around which the ground was formed for mass riots, social movements,
revolutions. All this shows that inequality is an extremely important sign, a
distinctive feature of the human community. When we talk about social
inequality, that is, inequality that has social, rather than individual,
features and characteristics. Moreover, the most important of these social
attributes for a person are the nature of the groups to which he belongs, and
the nature of the positions he takes. Social inequality is a phenomenon that
affects the sphere of people’s interests and causes strong emotions. Therefore,
reasoning on this topic is often closed within the framework of ideology, that
is, such systems of thinking that obey and serve certain group interests. Nevertheless,
inequality remains also an important subject of theoretical reflection, the
goal of which is not so much an excuse or criticism of inequality as an
elucidation of the essence of this phenomenon.

differences are far from harmless; they can become the basis for the appearance
of unequal relations between individuals. The strong compel the weak, the sly
triumph over the simpletons. Inequality, resulting from natural differences, is
the first form of inequality, in one form or another manifested in some species
of animals. In all of history, there was not a single complex society in which
social equality existed. Moreover, it is social differences, social inequality
that ensures the development of humanity as a whole. At the same time, a
significant level of social inequality is completely unacceptable. The main
problem is to constantly find the ratio between the degree of inevitable social
inequality acceptable to the society and its constituent individuals and the
notions of people about social justice. It should be noted that the matter is
not only that different representatives of different classes receive unequal
incomes. The problem is also that their capabilities are also unequal. In many
countries, inequality in many indicators is progressing. Therefore, for
example, there is inequality between women and men, inequality between the
inhabitants of the city and the countryside. They receive completely different
incomes, have different education, have different rights and opportunities,
which simply cannot but be reflected respectively at the level of their lives.

is a natural difference in the status of members of modern society. Inequality
is fixed in any society, at the same time a system of norms is created,
according to which people should be included in the relations of inequality,
take these relations, and do not oppose them. It is impossible to eliminate the
causes of inequality caused by internal and external differences between
people. People who work better should earn more, this is entirely logical. However,
it should be understood, no matter how unique talents a person does not
possess, he is claimed only because he lives in society. Without society, none
of us could manifest ourselves, realize our abilities.  In a civilized society, there must be a system
that ensures control over people’s incomes and expenditures. To do this it is
necessary to have an understanding of the origin of the funds, the certainty
that they have not been received in any dishonest way.

inequality is very difficult. Therefore, people need to cultivate an adequate
perception of it. Condemn the extreme manifestations of inequality, the display
of wealth, luxury. You should not measure the success of a person solely by
possessing material values and prosperity. The real wealth of a man is his
intellect and moral qualities. People should be aware of the exceptional value
of human life, and that no things are equal to it in meaning.


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