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We see celebrities everywhere, from the internet to magazines. We learn about their everyday lives, we know what they do every minute of every day. We see all the good but also the bad. Especially now with the internet once something bad happens, everyone will know. Celebrities do bad stuff all the time. Some do it for the attention and others do it because they think it’s cool. Teenagers see what celebrities do. They look up to celebrities and copy them. Even if it’s bad. This is why I believe celebrities are a bad influence on teenagers.

As I said before, celebrities sometimes act foolishly for attention. Especially on the internet, websites like YouTube pay their content creators with ad revenue. To make ad revenue, they need to get the attention of teenagers to watch their videos. Some YouTubers make good content that educates and also entertain people but then there are others in their just for the fame and money. One example is Logan Paul. On December 31st, 2017, he posted a video about him going into a Japanese suicide forest and showed a dead person’s body. This video was later taken down on the platform but while it was up, it gained 6.2 million views with 919,000 views in the first hour. This video exploded over the internet. It was everywhere. Logan received an astronomical amount of backlash. You would think he would have lost a lot of his 15 million subscribers but this wasn’t true. He gained another 1 million subscribers in a fortnight. His fans just said that he made a mistake and we should all forgive him but Logan Paul did a very inhumane thing by showing a dead body. It’s not just that video that gives Logan Paul a bad reputation. A few days before, he went around Japan disrespecting the culture by wearing racists clothes, destroying things that weren’t his, throwing balls at people and much, much more. He even left two dead fish that he bought on a strangers car. Not many people criticized Logan for this behaviour because it has gotten to the point where celebrities do stupid things so frequently, now it’s acceptable. Are we going to accept how we treat people nowadays? If this is how celebrities are going to act in front of teenagers, it is obvious that celebrities are a bad influence on teenagers.

Since celebrities are exposed to almost everyone, companies pay celebrities for them to show off their products. Sometimes companies pay celebrities to show off cigarettes and alcohol. Seeing this, teenagers can think that if celebrities can get away with having cigarettes and still having a healthy lifestyle, it is okay for everyone to do it. But celebrities don’t actually smoke or have alcohol, they are just paid to show it off. Celebrities don’t just show it off in the outside world. It’s in newspapers, on websites and also movies. In fact, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) say that 72% of top-grossing movies from 2010 to 2016 have smoking in it. These are the top movies in the world showing smoking. This slowly puts into your head that smoking is normal and okay to do. Companies can get people to use their products and make them addicted. It all just starts when companies get celebrities to show their topics.

The biggest thing that celebrities influence teenagers on is there is a beauty standard. People have to look this way otherwise they are frowned upon. People might say that this is a free world and we can be our in shape and size but this is not true. Even celebrities have to be fit and healthy. Kelly Clarkson, a famous singer was fat-shamed by the media and even the people because she didn’t look one way. People are pressured into making sure that they are accepted into society. According to YouGov.com, 80% of all 10-year-old girls are on a diet. Most of which was because they felt their bodies weren’t good enough. In the US, 1 out of 100 people is suffering from anorexia which means that they starving themselves, almost to death. How would you like it if you were pressured into making your body look a certain way? It also doesn’t help that in almost every single picture that you see of celebrities will have Photoshop. It’s again because there is a beauty standard. Celebrities also pour thousands of dollar into plastic surgery to have the perfect body type. They even encourage other people to do it as well. It is now getting to the point where people will have plastic surgery to look exactly like someone.


In conclusion, celebrities are a bad influence on teenagers. The impact of the celebrities behaviour can affect teenagers lives in negative ways. There is a beauty standard put on teenagers which pressures them into looking one way. Celebrities show that sometimes to become famous, we have to do horrible things and also celebrities habits can become our habits as well.


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