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We always want fast results, we want to get thin very quickly, and get a fair glowing skin within a very short time.

So is it possible to achieve a glowing skin within seven days? Suppose you have a wedding to attend in the next week, and your skin is looking patchy and very dull and not at all the perfect skin you would want it to be, so what should you be doing? Make an SOS call to the beautician at the expensive parlor? Well, you don’t have to spend thousands to have a luminous glow on your face, a few tips, and tricks and some experimentation with your kitchen ingredients and you will be sorted! So follow these tips and get glowing.Tips and Tricks to follow for getting a glowing skinIf you really want to appear glowing and beauteous for your next party there are several things which you should maintain to get perfect skin.Eat right- Sorry but you heard that right.

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Don’t eat junk for these few days at least. Since if you don’t eat right your skin is going to suffer and even if you apply myriads of packs, your skin will not glow. So fruits and vegetables should be your go- to foods for that stipulated period of time.

Sleep- Now there is no getting away from good sleep. Detox, rest and rejuvenate and wake up to beautiful skin. Sleep for at least seven – nine hours for best results.

Follow the CTM routine- CTM routine- is cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Cleanse your skin, tone it to close the open pores and moisturize to keep your skin soft and supple.Remove your makeup before sleep- However much tired you are, don’t forget to remove the traces of makeup from your skin, otherwise your pores will get clogged up and you might experience break-outs. Now if you are attending a family function or party that is the first thing you would want to avoid right?! Ugly pimples!Exercise- Yes, you need to do some sort of exercise for a good thirty minutes. Have you watched your face after a happy hour of exercise, well you glow, with that blood circulation and endorphins, your skin looks flushed and rosy.

Drink water- Drink at least ten glasses of water every day to flux out the toxins, your skin will soon look flawless pretty soon if you follow this regime religiously.These are basic points which you need to follow without fail and to amp it to another level, apply these wonderful masks.  They are easily available, right on your kitchen shelves; these packs do wonders to your skin.  Home Remedies that Work FastHome remedies are your best bet when it comes to imparting a glow on your face.

It has zero side effects and the antioxidants give your skin a healthy glow and you radiate from within. Papaya cucumber whitening pack- Blend equal slices of papaya and cucumber until smooth. You can add a teaspoon of fresh cream to this concoction and apply it all over your face and neck region. Wash it off with clean water.  This pack boosts your collagen levels and gives a visibly clear and glowing complexion.Lemon and aloe vera- How to get flawless skin? It is simple really, Dissolve two tablespoon of aloe vera gel and half lemon juice to half a cup of water. Blend and pour it in an ice-tray.

Massage this ice-cube every morning for 2 mins and watch your skin transform.Curd and turmeric pack- Blend 3 tablespoon of thick, fresh curd and teaspoon of honey. Mix a pinch of turmeric in the thick pack. Apply it generously on your face.

Let it dry and then wash off with cold water. The lactic acid in the curd helps you to get rid of the tan, It gives a fabulous skin texture and enhances your skin glow.Almond pack-Soak a few almonds in milk let it stay overnight. In the morning, make a paste of soaked almonds with the milk. Keep a hot towel on your face and neck for 1 minute and then massage this almond paste with circulatory strokes.

Let it stay for 5 minutes and then wash off with cool water. This mask gives a boost to your facial radiance and you get a beautiful glow. You have to use this pack regularly to get a luminous glow within a week.Strawberry pack- Mash a ripe strawberry, mix it with sugar and a tsp.

of honey. You need to massage this pack for 3 -5 mins at least to get a clear and luminous skin.You need to be diligent with your skin care routine, to get a glow which endures. Make sure you make some lifestyle changes also to make your skin beautiful and glowing.


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