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We believe the childhood stories involving ghosts and spooky figures, but have we tried to figure out that is it all true or is there any underlying hidden phenomena that some of us might have experienced. So let’s figure it out that these hauntings are the mere or creation or it has some truth facts beneath it. Before reasoning we need to check on the age old traditions, history of many places and of course trending movies that us sparked thoughts. Across every continents there spans all sorts of fables and folklores which reflects the dark traditions of worshipping the demon spirit in order to achieve the most wanted desires. But as time passed many revolutions and freedom struggles have diminished these established facts into what we know today as the bed time stories. But today these bedtime stories has again poked up paving way to lime light with many historical hauntings and witch tales frightening our very own nerve so it has become a real challenge to figure are real or not.  In the mid 1970s, in the United States of America a series of these paranormal events have been reported most them involving mass murders which later became published as supernatural or occult practices of the demon power. Some of the most interesting cases are  the Amityville murder case in 1974, Murder in Connecticut and the Perron family case which were investigated by self described demonologists couple Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren. These investigations puts light into an trend where people out of fear are ready to believe leaving behind the sense of what to believe and not to.These investigations have also led to the mainstream Hollywood horror movies such as Exorcist and the Conjuring series. But even in these all spooky stories and myths there mentions the fine line of positive faith to follow the good path. Ed Lorraine during the investigations once quoted that both devil and good exists in the universe it depends on what we follow. So it’s in our subconscious mind labyrinth  we make the paths whether to logically analyze the facts or to believe in supernatural stuffs.  Analyzing the scientific reasons behind these events we can come across various explanations that strongly confronts the mythical and chiller stories. There’s a always a psychological reason why we experience any abnormal happenings  often at night. At night we are mostly  tired, drowsy, and often exhausted due to the work pressure and improper work life balance where we develop strange feelings within ourselves in our subconscious mind creating hallucinations which may starts as mild projections later turn into the so called paranormal activities. Persons medicating under nervous disorders like epilepsy and insomnia are highly prone to these hallucinations which is reflection of their own inner mind activities which they may even recognize. Medications, and even simple fatigue, can create mild hallucinations, what psychologists call waking dreams and hypnologic experiences. They are harmless and common but can impair our perceptions and create experiences that never happened. Even a place of historical significance such as places of war and tragedies could have an impact on its people and culture where many takes these to the inner core of the heart thereby inducing fear and abnormal feelings of the places. Above all these misconceptions about clairvoyant events that some say exists there is always a factor of faith to follow the positive path of good deeds. In today’s world were greed and lust rule the world there is always the prospect of most of us ending in depression and psychological imbalance situations in life. Our mind takes whatever thoughts we come across so it’s better to feed our heart with truth and faith and to choose the good conduit in life.


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