We Ellen Guffey, 2016). Besides, interpreter programming is

We are quickly turning into a world economy based on the communication of information.

The expedient development of innovation into our daily lives has enabled fast worldwide communication and networking to shape our advanced society. The computerized age has brought about numerous adjustments in the way we lead business, entertainment and education etc. Nowadays, many job positions require strong oral and written communication skills because in the technical era, the place of letters or face to face communication, has supplanted by innovation like social media is used to convey the message (Mary Ellen Guffey, 2016). Besides, interpreter programming is utilized to decipher the message quickly which is gainful for the specialists when they are not master in writing but with the help of a translator, grammar check etc. they can compose the message quick and precise also. Moreover, business writing can be learn by enrolling in a business writing class etc.

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as it is mentioned by the writer. Decision making is one of the most significant and important activities in a business, Technology makes data accessible to decision-makers, enhancing the quality and speed of basic leadership.  (Ramey, 2012).

  The Digital Revolution, known as the Third Industrial Revolution, which empowered computer technology to be embedded into a huge range of objects from cameras to personal music players and so on. And the development of transmission technologies including computer networking, the Internet, and computerized broadcasting. The workers have an opportunity to do an office work anywhere without leaving their home.Moreover, Employees are youngsters are acquiring new skills information, dealing with technological change, responding to stimuli, and analyzing fast and efficiently. Using the communication media is beneficial when anyone want to talk through ideas or discuss about long matter.

It is more personal and enables us to express our self and clarify points that may be misconstrued using other communications. But on the flip side, due to digital age, we are becoming less empathetic. Because we are reading more superficially, it is becoming harder for us to go deeply into others issues. In case of decision making, data is not enough to improve business decisions because many information technology departments assert that their responsibility is just to deliver large quantities of data to the decision makers but if the data is not exact then it would make a separation amongst IT and business. Besides, if someone is not good at reading, he will impose his personal perception filters on the information provided and then the original message may turn out to be totally misshaped and misjudged. (Linton, 2017).To sum up, we still need to be understood, appreciated and be communicated with professionally.

Communication in the Digital Age may have evolved dramatically, but the necessity for excellent communication skills remains the same. Communication skills are actually now even more important with cues like body language etc.                        References   Linton, L. (2017, September 26).

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