We are urged to consider another very important

We are urged to consider another very important aspect which is the cultural content of intelligent behaviour.

The unfolding of the abilities to generate the knowledge and skills with which the responsibility and increasingly engage with the worldis defined as cognitive importance (Mundy-Castle, 1974) Markers of intelligent behaviour of Africans: Ability to capture shared routines and participatory learning rather than in completing school based instruments. To trait responsibility, parents and caregivers allocate chores to the children or send them on neighbourhood errands (Orgunaike & Houser, 2002).In Zambia, for instance, adults keep some mental tally of errands that a given child performs. In the short term, this attribute is used to choose which child has the ability to give and receive social support, and notice and attend to the needs of others, as markers of mental and general development al level (Weisner, 1987).

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An evaluative criterion with which African parents determine intelligent behaviour in social responsibility (Mundy-Castle, 1974) Personality consists of all relatively stable and distinctive styles of thought, behaviour, and emotional responses that characterise a person’s adaptations to surrounding situations.it is important we study and learn personality to Identify patterns in the way people behave. Explaining the differences between people, exploring the function in life and how to improve life.


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