We will have less and less control

We try to use material possessions to make our lives full by
buying the latest phones, computer, or clothes. People use these material
possessions to show their socio-economic status and how they are better than
others. Competition, jealousy, and grief arise from putting too much value on
material possessions. Some of us have even become in debt trying to portray an
illusion that we are richer than others. Dichotomies of class have affected the
more impoverished communities in trying to achieve the American dream, which is
merely an illusion. It has come to the point where their possessions start to
own them because of the accumulation of debt that so often accompanies the
American lifestyle of consumerism. Similar to how Ray explained that once one
values material possessions, they then attach labels to it to make it
significant, and if those possessions were to vanish, one would be in
despair.  When people are more mindful, they would recognize how
’emptiness’ is an antidote to materialistic desires. For instance, people will
have less and less control over you if you do not concede to the labels they
seek to place on you.

Many people’s happiness depends on what they have, and on
acquiring more material possessions. They put significance on them and make
them meaningful in our lives, but the reality is they are nothing more than
objects. Once we understand this, material possessions will stop controlling
people’s happiness. Overall, I believe that through emptiness people can start
to de-clutter the material possessions they value in their lives, so that they
may take the path of minimalism to place more value in relationships, which
will make our lives more meaningful. People need to understand that they can
feel a sense of peace without having to live by society’s standards. One way we
can do this through meditation, through which people can see the reality of
emptiness. The less materialistic we become, the closer we are to enlightenment
and happiness.

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