Ways through the use of their username and

Ways to Authenticate the identity of CustomersJumia.ug uses a wide range of authentication techniques common to most e-commerce sites. Each customer, upon signing up, has a username and password unique from any other customer. The username and password are extremely delicate information and should not be shared with any other individual, this is because your account contains your personal information.

If your information is provided to other people your account information could be changed, locking you out of your own account, if the individuals were to change your password for instance. Jumia.ug is very stern when it comes to keeping customer information safe and secure, for this reason they are able to authenticate customers through the use of their username and password and as long as your information is kept with you and shared, there is no need to worry.Jumia.ug also uses cookies to authenticate customers by storing them onto the user’s computer. People often use their personal computers now days and for this reason Jumia.ug recognises the PC being used and enables the computer to log in to the website.

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Additionally, Jumia.ug can use IP address tracking when a transaction occurs. An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g.

, computer, printer) participating in a computer network that uses the Internet Protocol for communication. (adopted from Wikipedia.com) This allows the company to identify the location in which the transaction is made and if the customer informs the company that they did not make that transaction, investigations can begin from that location because the culprit is most likely to be found within that location.If a customer forgets their password, Jumia.ug emails the customer a replacement password which they can then replace whenever they see fit.

This is better than asking customers for the answer to a secret question as anyone that knows the answer to that question is capable of gaining access to your password.


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