For lit, small workstations. Often, sweatshops will entail

For many people, such as those in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, working in sweatshops is a common way of life. A sweatshop is a work place that has been given this slang name because of the work conditions inside the factory itself.Conditions are rumored to be hard, often involving long working hours and barley lit, small workstations. Often, sweatshops will entail utilizing women and young children to accomplish a majority of the work.Working in such places is not a choice for most, but is the only way to provide for their family, even if it means working up to sixty five hours a week. Nike is just one of the many large corporations which are involved in using employees in sweatshops to fulfill their work needs.Nike owns sixteen Indonesian plants and employs more than 500,000 workers in Asia alone.Indonesian workers are paid close to $2.

20 per day.Most of the workers, actually about 90% of them, are women.Many of them are either forced to work overtime or feel compelled to work extra hours in order to feed and house their families (Levy 1). In an article entitled, “A Living Wage to End Sweatshops,” Charles Kernaghan states that Disney pays workers in China thirteen cents an hour.”Nobody can survive on this wage,” insists Kernaghan.

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Is their any end in sight to the 1.3 billion people in the world that live in starvation?Fluent only in their native Creole, the Haitian workers are unable to even read the labels on the garments which they are sewing.They have no idea for whom they are making clothing, nor do they know anything about the size of the corporations they are working for, their sales, or even their profits.In fact, less than half of the workers know about the company’s code of conduct which bans the use of forced or child labor, requires the payment of the minimum wage, and regulates hours, overtime, health, safety, and environmental matters.One example of this cruel treatment would be that the.


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