Watergate against his decision of war in

Watergate scandal refers to the series of illegal acts that President Richard Nixon and most of his administration made. It was against the liberal political opponents, their campaign and all of the rest who protest against his decision of war in Vietnam. Watergate was name of the building complex of Democratic National Committee in Washington D.

C. On June 17th 1972, five men tried to break through the building but eventually they were arrested. The men were found with videos, cameras and wiretap telephone equipments. Later on it was found that they were working for none other than Nixon and the scandal was named after the building. President Nixon was ever worried of licking some of his policies to the public. So, he used to wiretap his own staff member's telephone too.

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Despite of high management some of the policies regarding to the Vietnam War was licked, showing him as a guilty person, but the evidence was not strong enough to drag a President to the court. Instead Nixon established a group called CIA, which basically acts against the person or an organization that were against the president. CIA also played a vital role to re-elect Nixon on the election of 1972. It just trapped the opponent democratic leaders making a false rumor about them. Meanwhile Nixon's administrations were taking millions and millions of dollars in the name of contribution and donation from big corporation which strengthen them economically. All of these things sum up to re- elect Nixon as a president once again.

Though he wins the election, the case of Watergate burglar was on it peak at that time. The Watergate burglar went on trial and gave shocking news of Nixon's connection with the scandal. Then the White house stopped the investigation as further can make a negative impact on Nixon's presidency. After this the things went from bad to worse as people started to feel as if Nixon was abusing the law. Another nightmare came to Nix.


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