Water healthy and convenient to use for

Water is an essential part to human life. We as humans need around eight to twelve cups per day to for the normal functions of our body such as breathing and we lose almost eight cups of water through sweating. To make sure that we are healthy and everything runs properly, we must make sure we drink the right amount of water(msnbc.

com, 2004). The one question when thinking about water is what type of water will you drink? The biggest controversy is bottled water vs. tap water.

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Some people prefer to drink bottled water and says that it is healthy but I my point of view tap water is healthy and convenient to use for every human beings.Contenders of tap water says that bottled water it is healthy and convenient for use and choosing to drink bottled water over soda or juice is widely known to be a great choice for our health . But bottled water is not a healthy choice and not safe for our health as it may contain harmful plastic which is not healthy for human beings. Plastic water bottles were first created and commercially used in 1947. That means if a plastic water bottle was dropped into the ocean the very first year that plastic bottles were created, it is still floating somewhere and will not be “completely gone” until the year 2397. Even then, plastics do not completely decompose, they become micro plastics . Humans produce almost 20,000 plastic bottles every second which shows that rise in level of plastic. In 2015, consumers in China purchased 68.

4bn bottles of water and in 2016 this increased to 73.8bn bottles, up 5.4bn. Moreover , the plastic gone into the ocean and greatly affect marine life.

In my point of view , tap water is healthiest choice for every human being and it has a heathiest and fresh local water supply . Most tap water contains fluoride, a salt compound that helps prevent cavities and make us to feel healthy .Moving ahead, opponents of tap water says that bottled water is branded as glaciers and mountain water and says that it is filtered and goes through distillation process which removes all the impurities and safer for use .Moreover , according to bottled water users bottled water is a healthy choice and leads to increased consumption of unhealthy sugary drinks and says that bottled water is practical emergency water supply .Furthermore, the thought of healthy choice and filtered process is not satisfying because as the water goes through lots of process it removes all the nutrients , vitamins and minerals which is essential need of every human body whereas one third of the bottled water is tap water as most of the top selling brands sell tap water rather than water going through filtered process .

I believe that the water from tap has been tested more than from a bottle. Most cities regularly test tap water to make sure that it does not contain dangerous germs or chemicals while bottled water companies do not have to test rigorously and it contains all the essential nutrients require for human body whereas banning bottled water would protect local water supplies .Opponents of tap water says that bottled water is easily available every in the world and people prefer to drink bottled water rather than tap water and says that banning bottled water would restricts consumers access to a product they want , and negatively affects the small business . But as we talk about availability of bottled water ,yes , it is available but not everybody can afford bottled water as it is expensive than tap water . According to the International Bottled Water Association, the average cost of bottled water is $1.27 per gallon or $1.

11 per gallon for domestic non-sparkling water. Baltimore City Department of Public Works sells their water for $2.50 per unit, which comes to about $0.

003 per gallon, making bottled water around 400 times more costly than tap water. Banning bottled water would save money . In my point of view , tap water is safer for use and tap water consumption increased with income and was highest in south of England . Tap water is easily affordable for every class of people and is safer for use


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