Washington, the surroundings during weekdays. There are lots

Washington, D.C. is one of the plannedcities located on the U.

S. East Coast in the mid-Atlantic regionand divided into four quadrants considering the U.S. Capitol building as acenter point: Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), Southeast (SE), and Southwest (SW). Public transport facilities in the city are wellequipped with metro and other rapid transit systems.

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Metro is thesecond-busiest rapid transit system in the country with an average of about onemillion trips each weekday. The city has some of the famous schools anduniversities including medical research institutes.As the city offers northern allure with southern adeptness, it catches lotsof commuters from the surroundings during weekdays. There are lots ofsightseeing opportunities including zoos, museums, and outdoor playing areas inthe city. The city has an emerging urban neighborhood like cafes,restaurants, clubs, pubs, etc.

for the more youthful experience. You will be amazed to know that sixof the top 10 buildings of “America’s Favorite Architecture” are inthe District of Columbia: the Washington National Cathedral; the White House;the Thomas Jefferson Memorial; the Lincoln Memorial; the Vietnam VeteransMemorial; and the United States Capitol.The humid subtropical climate zone of Washington offers different weathersituations around the year.

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