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In 1919, the French, British and the USA did not like Germany for starting the war and wanted to have all the countries signing a treaty to negotiate peace. Geddes said "we will get everything you can squeeze out of a lemon, and a bit more" he said this to really make Germany pay for what they did because of the pain they had caused them. The "Big Three" was Wilson, Lloyd George and Clemenceau. It was originally the "Big Four" but Italy was dropped because they only talked about their wants. Clemenceau wanted: The Rhineland as a buffer state,Maximum reparations for civilian damage and military costs,To continue the wartime alliance with Britain and America,To ally with Poland and Czechoslovakia,To protect France from Germany.

France and Germany had been enemies for a long time; Germany had taken Alsasc-Lorrain off France in 1871. This meant that Clemenceau wanted to have more allies to protect France from Germany. Germany had caused France a lot of damage and money, in human costs and economic costs. For this reason he wanted maximum reparations from Germany. He wanted to keep the alliance between the USA, Britain and France so that they could have lots of protection. Wilson wanted: To set up the League Of Nations, To treat Germany lightly, World Peace.

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Wilson wanted to treat Germany lightly so they wouldn't seek revenge in the future; Germany was a big and powerful country. Wilson wanted to set up the League Of Nations to sort out any arising problems in the future, Wilson would lead the League. Lloyd George wanted: To take over Germany's colonies in the Ottoman Empire,To pretend to treat Germany very hard. Lloyd George wanted Germany pu…

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