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Was the Operation CHROMITE concept sound manoeuverist logic justifying General MacArthur’s resolute determination and acceptance of the inherent risks, or was success attributable more to his intuition and good luck? General Douglas MacArthur was the architect of the victory at Inchon, he was a 70 year old veteran of both world wars and was at the time Commander in Chief, Far East (CINCFE) Theatre.He was responsible for formulating a response to the North Korean invasion which had begun on 25 Jun 1950, as you have already heard his response was Operation CHROMITE.

In the next 15 minutes I will attempt to focus on MacArthur;s role and vision and answer the question as to whether it was his determination and acceptance of risk that led to the victory or more simply his intuition and good luck. I will look at the background, the plan, briefly look at the operation itself and then draw conclusions.Throughout I hope to link back to the five key areas of this question: manoeuverist logic; determination; risks; intuition and good luck. In Jul MacArthur had large numbers of troops commited to holding back the N Koreans however he had realised that a decisive solution to the conflict was needed.

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Having seen the South Koreans retreating he stated he ;would rely upon strategic manoeuver to overcome the great odds against me.It would be desperate, but it was my only chance.;With the war a little over a week old he had instructed his COS, General Edward Almond, to consider plans for an amphibious operation to strike the enemy centre of communications at Seoul, an indirect appraoch designed to shatter enemy cohesion.

Mac Arthur never wavered from his commitment to Inchon despite a number of postponements.The North Korean Army had forced the combined Republic of Korea and US forces to positions on the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula, a distance of some 150 miles.To stop this MacArthur had had to use every ava.


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