Was made the victory guaranteed for the

Was the north victory in the civil war inevitable? Defend your position The north's victory in the civil war was inevitable, if you if you look at the key differences between the north and south resources.

The north had a larger population, and the more money and resources to conduct a war against the south.In1861 the union's population was 22.5 million, compared to 9 million in the confederate states.

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The north had the upper hand when it came to the enlistment of soldiers. When news of fort Sumter reached the north, it was said that "men were enlisting as fast as possible", more than twice as many men that Lincoln had requested volunteered, even when volunteers were asked to extend their service from 90 days to 3 years. The unions economy gave them more superiority over the confederacy, according to the text book the union states controlled nine tenths of the country's industrial capacity and registered shipping, four fifths of its bank capital, three fourths of railroad mileage and rolling stock and taxable wealth, that mean the union had the factories to make their weapons, transportation to get soldiers and weapons were ever they needed to be fast. The greatest factor, which I think made the victory guaranteed for the north, was Lincoln's emancipation proclamation, which did not free all the slaves but gave the north a major edge over the confederacy. By freeing slaves in the confederate states, the north shrunk the confedracy's population. As Lincoln said " the slaves are undeniably an element of strength to those who have their service, and we must decide whether or not the element should be with us or against us.

"With Lincoln freeing the slaves in the rebellious states, slaves that were forced to fight along side their masters, were "forever free". This also led to economic problems in the south. The north's victory was inevitable because they had ..


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