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Was the fall of the Aztec Empire inevitable? When Hernando Cortez and his conquistadors landed on the shores of Mexico, they had no idea what they were going to face.They set out searching for gold, and what they found was an advanced civilization of people with an incredibly beautiful city.These people were the Aztecs and their capital was Tenochitlan.

Cortez was determined to conquer the people and claim their land and their gold for the king of Spain.As it turns out, it seems like the incredible Empire of the Aztecs was destined to fall. Throughout the Spanish conquest of Mexico, there is a huge quantity of astounding coincidences that led to the Aztec's demise.It can be difficult to imagine that such a civilization could be predetermined to collapse.

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However, there is too much evidence that supports this idea to be ignored. Perhaps the biggest advantage the Spanish had was the Aztec legend of Quetzalcoatl.The codices and traditions of the Aztecs foretold of a god that would some day return to Tenochitlan to reclaim his throne. (Leon-Portilla 13)Ironically, Cortez's arrival and appearance matched the Aztec description of the god almost perfectly.Therefore, when the Spanish arrived on the Yucatan, they were welcomed as gods, thinking he was Quetzalcoatl.The Aztecs gave them various gifts of gold and jewelry, and Cortez and his men were amazed at what they saw.This was just one of the astonishing coincidences that took place and happened to favor the Spanish.

Another was the Aztec's prediction of the future. It is incredible to figure how the Aztecs saw signs of their demise ten years before Cortez ever set foot on Mexico.There are multiple accounts of eight evil omens that occurred in Tenochitlan. (4) Strange and impossible things are described to have happened.Temples were destroyed by their own accord, and mysterious beings were said to have appeared.The Aztecs were puzzled and ..


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