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Two bombs, two explosions, 240,000 lives… what has the human race become? Is this true justice, or is it just the ultimate man slaughter? The slaughter of every thing in its range, even the most innocent child. A child which payed the price for something he or she didn’t have any part in.

What would drive a person to do such a horrifying task? Even to think of doing such a thing seems like pure madness. To think of how one object that cost a mire $2,000,000 could pay the price for 200,000 lives? The lives of people, who to there loved ones, where priceless. Unpayable by any gold, money, or riches the world could ever offer. How could one thing, one man made device take that away? As crazy and heartless as it may seem some people do think that this was the right thing to do.

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To drop a bomb and wipe out a beautiful city with out any sympathy for the people around. If this wouldn’t have happened then the war could have carried on, and who knows, the war could still be going on today. Some people also think that all the lives and more would still have been taken any ways. If the war would have continued then so would the battles. You would also have to think about the new weapons on the verge of creation and with them who know what could have happened. Looking at it from another point of view. If the war did go on and other battles commenced then the people that took place and lost there lives, they are the ones that had the choice to go to war.

They are the ones that risked there lives for there country and died in a honorable fight. There was no honor in killing 240,000 innocent people with just 2 weapons. People which where really no direct threat at the time. Really, there is no true way to say that this massif killing was truly justified.

Or to say that it was the right or wrong thing to do. The only true way to find out is in the future, a future which will never come. .


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