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There are many events that lead to the American Civil War, but one thing is for sure; the extreme division between North and South came to a head in the 1850's.Stubborn politics and civil unrest in this period are what made this war inevitable.The South's enormous cotton industry had resulted in wealthy plantation owners investing all their money into slaves.While the New England depended on the cotton for textile mills, the northern economy found its strength in diverse investments.

Wealthy New Englanders invested in the transportation revolution and westward expansion; both proving to be extremely profitable.This allowed abolitionist and anti-slavery views to spread in an area which was not so dependant on slave labor. Western expansion is really what opened up the dramatic sequence of events that were to unfold between 1850 and the Confederation's succession from the Union.When territories such as California, wished to enter into the Union, the question of whether they were to become free or slave states was of the greatest concern.The extreme dependence upon slavery in the South is what made the balance of power so vital to the southern economy.

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The Compromise of 1850 was the final attempt to please both sides and marks the beginning of what would prove to be an increasing political and social division between the north and south. Perhaps the most significant issue to come out of the compromise is the south's demand for northern compliance in enforcing the Fugitive Slave Law.Extreme abolitionist organizations, such as the Underground Railroad, had become increasingly successful at sneaking slaves into the north.Southerners viewed this as a direct threat to their economy.Since 1808 Africans were no longer imported into America and therefore increased their value considerably.Every time one was to escape, the owner viewed it not as a liberated individual, but as a robbery of what money he.


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