The American Revolution was a real revolution. The

The American Revolution started in 1775, climaxed in 1776, and, at least partially ended in 1789 when the constitution was ratified. There have been numerous studies as to whether it really was a revolution and if it was, what kind and how significant it really was. What criteria must the new government posses to be considered a revolutionary regime? What kind of ideologies do the revolutionaries believe and how do these differ from the old regimes ideologies and form of rule? How violent must the revolution in question be? How much of a social impact should there be? These are just a few of the questions which need to be satisfied when deciding the parameters of this particular revolution. These questions can be answered differently depending on what constitution's the definition of a revolution. A summary of the theories of revolution points to the conclusion that the American Revolution was a real revolution. The fact that scholars discuss it as part of a more general overview of revolutions is proof that they consider it to be a Revolution. Many people (both the educated and the uneducated) unquestioningly accept the fact that the American Revolution was a revolution.

I have assumed that the American Revolution was a real revolution and will use this to conclude whether the revolution was a social one. In anarchist theory,'social revolution' means far more than just revolution. A true social revolution is far more than just change in the political make up, structure or form of a society. It must transform all aspects of a society including political, economic and social aspects. "there are revolutions and revolutions. Some revolutions change only the governmental form by putting a new set of rulers in place of the old.

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These are political revolutions, and as such they are often met with little resistance. But a revolution that aims to abolish the entire system of wage slavery must also do away with th…

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