Famous then rulers of the Mediterranean kingdoms

Famous leaders in history often exhibit a combination of good and bad qualities. The Byzantine emperor Justinian was such a leader, showing both great talents and great personality flaws. When trying to determine whether Justinian was a great ruler. The three things that tell the most about him are; his conquests, political accomplishments, and personal life.Thisfirst examination will be along the lines of his militant conquests and his military. One thing Justinian can be credited for is how he built up a truly great military. Learning from the Romans' mistakes, he added such components as a larger calvary and more powerful navy.

Justinian was also known for his military conquests in which he retook much of the Mediterranean coast, Justinian felt this crucial because most of the then rulers of the Mediterranean kingdoms were run by Germans, who were Arian, practicing a mutated form of Christianity. The Roman Church considered this form of religion sacrilegious. Thus in a way sort of obligating Justinian, being loyal to Rome, to do so. Justinian also reacted to the extreme mistreatment of orthodox Christian's by the Vandals in Africa. In my opinion, this sort of revenge, is considered just, and a good mark for Justinian.The second trial will rely on his political accomplishments. Justinian is most widely know for what was called, "The Justinian Code." This was a set of laws meant to replace Roman laws due to their repeating self-canceling nature.

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Another good political accomplishment was the setting up of an awesome bureaucracy, which was almost as large as the American one we are familiar with today. Another final achievement in politics was his setting up of a firm trade system, which kept the empire on its feet.Finally, third, his personal life. This is the only section-in opinion-which Justinian did poorly.


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