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Was Hitler’s body ever identified? Everyone gets a good kick out of magazines like the National Enquirer and Globe because everything written in them is a lie.One commonly written headline in those magazines is “Elvis has been spotted,” or “Elvis lives, he never really was dead!!”These are the things written about today.However, about fifty years ago there was something similar going on, although it wasn’t about Elvis, it was about sightings of Adolph Hitler. The goal of this aspect of the Mysteries of History project was to prove weather or not Adolph Hitler’s body was identified.

In most of the books about Hitler that were looked into, the stories concerning the death, suicide and what happened afterwards were almost identical.However, before the death and end of his life is discussed, the reader should know what Hitler was all about. Adolph Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889.He was born in Austria, right near the German border.According to Hitler, that date began Mein Kampf(My struggle), Hitler’s political autobiography and blueprint for a new Germany.Hitler’s life began as him being a sensitive, artistic boy.By the age of eleven, he was a committed nationalist who had “learned to understand the meaning of history.

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” When Hitler was thirteen years old, his life took a dramatic turn.On January 3, 1903, Adolph’s father, Alois Hitler passed away from a massive pleural hemorrhage.He toppled over at the table and was dead before the doctor arrived.Hitler was very much interested in the arts and dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen so he could sketch and day dream all day. At the age of twenty-two, Hitler felt that he was alone and adrift.

He needed an enemy to blame for all his problems.One day he was walking down the street and encountered a man.Thefirst thought that went through his .


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