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"THE YEAR 1933 SAW HITLER RISE IRRESSISTABLY FROM LEGAL CHANCELLOR TO LEGAL DICTATOR". HOW VALID IS THIS ASSESSMENT OF THE NATURE AND THE EXTENT OF THE NAZI CONSOLIDATION OF POWER DURING 1933? In recent years many historians have come to the conclusion that during the year of 1933 Hitler was able to move from a chancellor of Germany to its dictator.A dictator is defined as a ruler who is not bound by constitution or laws. A dictator can also be a person who behaves in a tyrannical manner. So was this the position that Hitler found himself in at the end of 1933.

Was he bound by a constitution or laws and did he behave in a'tyrannical' manner. Through looking and analyzing the key events of this year we will be able to answer this question. At the beginning of 1933 Hitler found himself in a very promising position.

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When Hitler's conservative supporters including Franz Von Papen allowed Hitler to become chancellor on the 30th January 1933 they did it because they felt they could control him. Papen himself was minister president of Prussia ultimately having control over the police as well as the civil service. He felt that by obtaining this position he would be able to stop Hitler from gaining any extra power.

Papen explained "within two months we will have pushed Hitler so far into a corner that he'll squeak". However Hitler himself already began to get the upper hand by convincing the conservatives to allow him to hold an election. Now in charge of government agencies this would naturally help the Nazis come to power. At this time talks about creating an authoritarian government were being held with the army. Hitler wanted Germany eradicated of Marxism and the cancer of democracy. Confidence within the nazi party at this time was high and Goebbels himself had promised "once we have power we will never surrender it unless we are carried out of are offices as corpses". Control .


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