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Was European War inevitable in 1939? In order to answer that question, one must consider the causes of the war and the circumstances that led to the tremendous success of the Nationalist-Socialist party in thefirst place. Also, had Hitler planned a European War or at least considered it? Facts are that after the treaty of Versailles Germany was left with the sole war guilt, with hardly any military forces and with a great loss of territory in Eastern Europe. In the public mind the harsh terms of the treaty of Versailles and the hard economics of the Great Depression seem to be two standard explanations. For almost a decade Germany was excluded from the international community.

It did not join the League of Nations until 1926 or participate in the Olympics until 1928. The German inflation was devastating due to reckless wartime borrowing and fiscally disastrous post-war expenditures. Long-term unemployment was affecting blue-collar workers as well as white-collar workers, men, women and children were malnourished and many lost their confidence in the government. Between 1928 and 1932 suicide rates increased 14 percent for men, 19 percent for women . But not only had the economic troubles supported Hitler's rise, as inflation is far too facile an explanation . These factors, however, are the foundation on which building up a dictatorship was enabled. Was the European War inevitable? Had Hitler shown more modesty concerning his imperial goals and less eagerness for war in his politics, of course the war could have been prevented.

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If Great Britain had not pursued its appeasement policy and the United States of America had acted less isolationistic it could have been prevented too, or at least brought to a halt at a very early stage. The problem with these assumptions is that they are unhistorical by their nature, as Hitler would not have been himself without his longing for expansion, Great Britain without its appeasement s…

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