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The Holocaust of millions of Jews was the most horrendous assault against humanity in the 20th century.The people responsible for carrying such massacres often gathered Jewish people and others into ghettos.The purpose of this discussion is to examine the Warsaw Ghetto, which is one the most studied of the Ghettos established by Germany.

The discussion will also focus on the Warsaw uprising. The Warsaw Ghetto was located in Warsaw, Poland. Prior to the war an estimated 30% of the population in Warsaw was Jewish ("Warsaw", 2008).

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It had the highest Jewish population outside of New York City ("Warsaw", 2008).It was vibrant and the center of commerce prior to the war.According to the United States Holocaust Museum, Germany invaded Poland on the 1st of September, 1939 and the German army came into Warsaw on September 29, 1939. Under German occupation a Jewish Council was created with the expressed intent of developing a Ghetto in Warsaw.

As a way to subjugate Jews living in Warsaw Jewish Children could no longer for to school, men were made into slaves, the personal property of the Jewish people of Warsaw was stolen ("Warsaw", 2008).In addition the Jewish people of Warsaw had to identify themselves at all time by wearing a Star of David armband ("Warsaw", 2008). All of these events occurred prior to the establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto.The Jews of Warsaw were stripped of everything they had and all they worked hard to achieve in Warsaw ("Warsaw", 2008).The German occupation had done this in a very short time, yet the worse was yet to come. In October of 1940, nearly a year after Germany invaded Poland and began occupying the land the Warsaw Ghetto was created and all of the Jewish people in Poland were required to take up residence within the Ghetto ("Warsaw", 2008).

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