Warren Under his guidance the paper began to

Warren G.

Harding was born on November 2, 1865, on a farm near Blooming grove, Ohio. Harding wasn't always into politics. He started in teaching and selling insurance before becoming a lawyer. In 1884 Harding borrowed three hundred dollars to buy a struggling newspaper, the Marion Ohio Star.

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(Anthony, Carl. American Heritage pg. 2) He was editor and business manager. Under his guidance the paper began to prosper.

Harding got to know local community leaders and political bosses. Harding's life took a dramatic change when he In 1891, Harding married her. Since Florence Harding was the daughter of the richest man in Marion, she was able to pull some strings making him an important figure in the community. Because of his wives urging he decided to embark upon a political career. He was soon elected to the state senate in 1900 and also became lieutenant governor in 1903.(Anthony, Carl. American Heritage pg. 4) After he lost an election for governor in 1910 he was soon going to meet the next important person in his life.

He soon met Harry M. Daughterty, a lobbyist and political strategist. Along with Mrs. Harding , the two worked as a team to boast Harding's political career. Finally in 1914 with Daughterty as his campaign manager, Harding successfully ran for a seat in the United Sates Senate.(Groiler Online – American Presidency pg. 3) Although he was against high taxes and federal regulation of business, Harding made no memorable speeches in the senate nor did he sponsor any important legislation. He spent a good deal of his time seeking government jobs for his friends, soon known as the "Ohio Gang".

Early in 1920, when Republicans began to seek a presidential candidate Harding's name was brought up a couple of times. Harding didn't want such recognition. All he wanted was to remain in the senate, where he was enjoying himself. But, like before, his ambitious..


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