War… heroes are born. Through their choices heroes


.. a gray, dark, morbid word, which brings chaotic conflict and death to many. From within its twisted grasp of chaos heroes are born. Through their choices heroes affect the fate of many lives. This story opens in 1757, in the middle of French-Indian War. The French are at war with British over territory of America's frontier.

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Nathaniel, a passionate and brave young man, was raised by the native chief, Chingachgook, who took him in as a son. He was originally the son of a colonial and his connection to this white man will affect the lives of the one he loves in the future to come. In the beginning, Nathaniel, Chingachgook, and son decide not to enter the war but, head west to Kentucky. On their way west a group finds tracks left by a Huron war party and decide to follow. As they approach, they encounter the Hurons slaughtering the infantry of British soldiers. Nathaniel and family decide tohelp the defenseless women and soldiers. The father and son want to continue west but Nathaniel decides to assist the three back to Fort William Henry. On their way, the party comes across the massacre of the Cameron family, who were killed for no reason at all.

As the party reached the fort they find that it is under attack by French, who have been digging about thirty feet of trenches a day. When inside, they find Colonel Monroe is expecting a calvary infantry, who was not coming. Duncan, who worked under General Webb, relayed the information to Monroe. By this time, Nathaniel warns the colonial soldiers that the French are attacking the colonial frontiers. These soldiers were informed that if this were to happen they would be given the right to return home, to defend their families.

Though said by General Webb, Monroe overruled it and ordered them to stay. Enraged by the Colonel, Nathaniel devises a plan to allow the men to return. They were to escape unbeknownst to anyone. By this time, Cora and Nathaniel had fallen in love wi.


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