The effects of the world

The effects of the world war 2 was that Hitler decided to await the end of the war in Berlin, where he was still manipulate what was left of the command apparatus.Most ofHitler's political and military associates had chosen to leave the capital for places up in the north and south Germany, places most likely to be out of the Soviet reach.

On the afternoon of the 30 of April Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bunker.Hitler named Grand Adm. Karl Doenitz to succeed as the chief of state.Doenitz had no choice but to surrender.Gen.Alfred Jodl signed a unconditional surrender of all German armed forces At Eiscenhower'sheadquarters in Reims early on May 7.

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But by then the German forces had long surrender in Italy on May 2 ; in Holland, north Germany, and Denmark on May 4.The U.S. and British governments declared May 8 V-E Day. The Japanese ended the war in a position that was hopeless in 1945.They had to rely on kamikaze attacks or suicide air attacks which resulted that they had sunken 17 U.S.

ships and damaged 50.The U.S. approached the island-hopping method with a landing on Iwo Jima on February 19.The U.S.

then built two bombs to convince the Japanese to surrender.But President Truman decided to go head and drop them because it might save a lot of American lives.Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the two cities they bombed and on August 14 the Japanese announced their surrender, which was not quite unconditional because the Allies had agreed to allow the country to keep their emperor.The formal signing took place on September 2 in Tokyo Bay abiard the battleship Missouri. ————————————————————————.


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