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As America prepares for a vicious battle with Iraq, the country is held within a battle of it's own.The country is spilt with supports on one side and anti-war mongrels on the other.The only division between to two well-meaning groups is that the current republican government is stressing the necessity of a war.Even with massive protests occurring through-out the country daily, there is no changing the hard-headed minds of our overbearing republican president, Bush or his seemingly brilliant cabinet.

When all is said and done, there is one issue that will continue to thrive with supporters of peace, the fact that the UN never agreed to simply support the United States in the effort to vanquish the world of the tyrant Saddam Hussain.While this knowledge will not create euphoria for the fanatic peace-loving people, it will allow them to exalt their efforts.However, this precious fact has been disheartened by several fastidious war hawks (to bring back an old phrase).They have been noted as saying that the UN is a powerless organization and the US would only ask for permission as a show of respect rather than out of need.While this is a true statement, it would make the actions of the US detour from the wants of the UN; the exact reason the US has for destroying Iraq.

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While the principle behind the war is somewhat noble, the way in which the government has proceeded to fight the war is not.The government has acted like a child that wishes to fight now and think later, rather than discussing a feasible plan with the UN and taking action as a global power.If the US united the globe in this intractable war, it would create a bond between nations along with creating a stronger and more powerful UN..


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