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War Brothers takes place in Gulu Uganda 2009, a time when Uganda was being attacked by the Lord’s Resistance Army (or the LRA.) Kony, the leader of the army steals boys and girls from their villages, farms, schools and buses and abduct them, turning them into child soldiers.

Teaching them to fight and kill, believing only they know the Christian way. Koneys plane was for his army of Christian child soldiers to fight against the government of Uganda to create a country of their own called “Acholiland”. But Kony was cruel beyond extent he doesn’t protect the children he beats, starves and punishes them to death. Jacob, Paul, Tony and Norman, best friends were at their school dormitory one day when they awoke to discover that they were being attacked by Koney and his soldiers. They were soon caught by the LRA forced out, and told to walk. They were forced to become soldiers and were led down a path of lies and violence.

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Jacob had hope that his father would come to rescue him, but when it is clear that no one is coming he had to take matters into his own hands. He and his family of friends decide that they had no choice but to escape from the horrors, and cruelty around them. But with all the government soldiers mistaking the for rebel soldiers and Kony’s army will they be able to escape? Main character and their traitsJacob is a 14 years old boys and is a son of a very wealthy landowner, he plays soccer and  Jacob is a 14 year old boy and is the son of a wealthy landowner, loves to play soccer and attends a catholic school and believed that with God and his father that he would be safe from all harm. Jacob’s dad goes on a business trip to London, England. Meanwhile Jacob goes on his first day of school. Jacob’s father ordered extra soldiers to his school too keep Jacob safe. Oteka is a young boy that has struggled through his life especially when he lost his parents to aids and his brothers and sisters adopted and never got to see them ever again.

After Oteka was adopted by and old lady he calls Adaa, Adaa was really old so sometimes it was like Oteka took care of Adaa.  One day he went to the church and met a boy named Jacob. Jacob gave Oteka him money and with that money Oteka went to the medicine man and paid him to talk to his dead mother. His mother said one word only “Kony.

” Jacob was confused why she only said that too him. When Jacob went back home he found Adaa dead and moments later he was captured by the LRA. https://warbrotherss.weebly.com/characters.html


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