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Throughout a process of the past few days we have heard from four different veteransincluding one from world war one and three from the Vietnam war. All of the war veterans had petty mush the same experience, all of them where in combat, they all had suffered during the war and still today deal with there various problem such as trauma, or having to sleep with a gun under there pillow such as the Vietnam veteran Paul, and other various addictions. I believe that all of their addictions and habits are very understandable because if u think about what all they have gone through and done for us, like go through torture in p.ow. Camps or just being constantly on the edge out in the field because you're afraid of being ambushed.

Your alertness and reflexes cant just vanish in seconds once u get home, you also have to mentally stabilize your self witch could be very hard considering what they went through. I also think it would be very difficult to not be able to make any real relationships with anyone and if you did you would have really no time to morn or anything if your friend was killed because if so you would be the next. Also I believe that how we were just recently attacked problly had a huge impact on there out look for the rest of their lives. Though they would not be put in to battle if a war were to arise they would problly have sons, grandkids, nephews or some one that would directly link them to the war. What is even worse is that they know what it is like to be in battle so they would know exactly what there loved ones are having to deal with, and what they still have to come to deal with.

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Also it would personally make me really mad to have fought in world war two witch was just a huge war and have to watch as we just continue to fight and fight again. To me having put my life on the line that would make me mad because world war two was supposed to be the war to finish all wars..


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