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In August 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill met secretly in the Atlantic Sea abroad a warship anchored in a secure anchorage at Argentina, Newfoundland (located on Placentia Bay). Roosevelt had traveled to Argentina aboard the heavy cruiser USS Augusta while Churchill made the journey across the Atlantic aboard the battleship HMS Prince of Wales.

The conference was from August 9th to the 12th. The reason for the conference was for a strategy of the war against the Axis. This conference leads to the Atlantic Charter. There were 8 points of the charter. The eight points are no territorial gains are sought by the United States or the United Kingdom, territorial adjustments must conform to the people involved, people have right to choose own government, trade barriers lowered, there must be disarmament, there must be freedom from want and fear, there must be freedom of the seas, and there must be an association of nations. Before the conference FDR had proposed a lend lease for Britain to payback in goods and services because at the time they didn't have the money to pay for war materials and also for not having huge intergovernmental loans.

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The Atlantic Charter was eventually signed by 15 countries including the Soviet Union and proved to be the one of thefirst steps for the formation of the United Nations. From January 14 to January 24, 1943, thefirst war conference between the Allied Powers was held in Casablanca, Morocco. Roosevelt and Churchill attended the conference. Joseph Stalin leader of Russia at the time was not invited because neither Churchill nor Roosevelt had on the agenda anything to do with the Eastern Front. This failure to invite Stalin did a great deal to confirm in Stalin's mind, his belief that war plans were being made without his participation and behind his back and he did not agree with this.

This suspicion between the Allies continued for the followin…

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