War States and the world.If Saddam Hussein were

War seems to be the only option, because of the terrorism in the world. Protestors not supporting the U.S. decision for war are hurting soldiers' morale.People against the war they should have consideration for the Marines that are fighting for their freedom.

Protestors are too caught up in all the violence, death and suffering resulting from war.The protestors accomplish nothing when protesting the war against the acts of terror, all they do is damage the Marines confidence in times of war.Limitations should be set for permits issued for protest during times of war to protect our marines.The people of the U.

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S. want protection from terror, but they don't want any violence involved when trying to stop these terrorists. Any regime that supports terrorists are considered enemies!Soon enough these terrorist parasites will be stopped and the world will be a better place.The simple fact is that war will not stop; we must give our support to all men and women in the service, for a decisive victory and safe return. War is not thefirst choice for solving differences between cultures or nations, but sometimes there are no other options when dealing with certain cultures and dictatorships.

The U.S. made the right decision to go to war with Iraq, because if the dictatorship would have got out of hand, we could've had another Adolf Hitler.The United States is trying to prevent the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, from becoming an even greater threat to the United States and the world.If Saddam Hussein were allowed to continue, unrestrained, for another five years he would be in a position to dominate the entire Middle East. By that time he would have enough nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them anywhere in the region.

Adolf Hitler's Final Solution is one of the biggest mass exterminations of a certain race of people ever, so as a nation of peace and protection of others the U.S. is looking out for e…

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